Employer Engagement

Quality Assurance

PRP Training believes in looking after their customers. When an employer enters a working relationship through a work based learning programme we ensure employers :

  • Know about all of the services we can offer
  • Have easy access to the information they need – whether that’s updates on their staff’s progress or answers to enquiries about training
  • The opportunity to helping vocational learners gain relevant sector experience
  • PRP Training regularly and effectively making sure enquiries are passed on quickly and to the right people
  • Know about the qualifications, training, support services and funding available to employers
  • Stay up-to-date with developments at PRP Training and inviting them to any events that we may hold or attend
  • To be as involved as possible with the work that PRP Training do with their staff


To help employers understand more about work based learning, listed below are Frequently Asked Questions :


Employers Questions:

1. What costs are involved?

2. If the assessor visits on-site but the learner is too busy to see them, what happens?

3. How will I know how the learner is progressing with their programme?

4. Who do I need to contact if I have a query with the learning programme?

5. How long will the assessor spend here on each visit?

6. If I employ new staff and want them to start a training programme who do I need to contact?

7. Will the assessor inform me in advance of scheduled visits?

8. What happens if I have staff members that work night shifts? Can they still follow a programme?

9. Who decides what programme the learner will follow?

10. Will the assessor be the only point of contact?


Employer’s Answers:

1. The apprenticeship/skills learning programmes are funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and part-funded by the European Social Fund incurring no costs to the employer.

2. The assessor will carry out an observation so as not to disturb the learner whilst they are working. If this is not appropriate the assessor will reschedule the appointment.

3. Progress Reviews are carried out every 8 weeks with the learner and employer. The assessor will update you on the learner’s progress and you will need to make a general comment and sign the review form provided.

4. You can telephone anyone of our offices and speak to the assessor or the programmes contracts managers.

5. The assessor will spend on average 1 hour at each visit. This will also depend on how busy the learner is and the type of planned assessment for that day.

6. You can contact the assessor when they visit or ring anyone of our offices.

7. The assessor will make appointments in advance and will let you know of all appointments made. They will also ring prior to the visit to check that the learner is available.

8. Yes the assessor will be flexible and will arrange to carry our appointments to suit the needs of your business and the needs of the learner.

9. This depends on the job that the learner is doing. The Assessor will, during the initial appointment, question the learner and carry out a skill scan to determine the qualification that they should be following.

10. You can also contact the contracts managers at any time, the assessor will also on occasions be accompanied by the manager, other assessors or the quality assurance department on their visits. You will always be informed in advance of this to ensure it is convenient.


Our Complaints Procedure

lf you are dissatisfied with any part of your learning experience with PRP Training please refer to our complaints procedure below and email your complaint to our General Manager:

PRP Training Complaints Procedure

Trefn Gweithredu Cwynion a Phryderon Cwsmeriaid