Engagement Traineeship

Engagement Traineeships give learners who are vocationally unfocused an opportunity to experience a range of opportunities, gain support to remove barriers and build confidence.

The Engagement Traineeship is for eligible young people aged 16-18 who are assessed (by Careers Wales) as needing to address a barrier (or barriers) to further learning or employment; and/or need to confirm or contextualise an occupational focus prior to entering further learning or employment.

The Engagement Traineeship encompasses the identification and addressing of a learning barrier (or barriers) that prevents the learner immediately participating in vocational or other learning at level 1,2, or 3 or progressing into employment; and the use of employer work placements, community projects, voluntary work and centre based learning opportunities which aim to confirm or contextualise an occupational focus and provide learners with the breadth and flexibility of skills learners need to enable them to participate in the work force and society at large, prior to progressing, at the earliest opportunity, to either employment or further learning at a higher level.

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