Vocational Traineeships

Vocational Training / Traineeships

Employers are looking for higher levels of skills and better qualifications in this fast changing world.

Vocational Training prepares individuals with the skills needed for specific trades and occupations whilst gaining those all important industry recognised qualifications.

Using a more hands on approach than academic qualification. Vocational Training helps you build a career by working towards qualifications that lead straight into employment or onto higher education. The skills learnt will help you succeed in the working world.

Traineeship For Youth is a new learning programme for young people aged between 16 – 19 in Wales. It aims to give young people the skills needed to progress into either a apprenticeship, further education or employment. Traineeships will be offered at two distinct levels, Engagement and Level 1 Traineeships.


Training Academy

PRP Vocational Training is a well facilitated training centre located in Pembroke Dock (Pembrokeshire)

PRP Vocational Training ensures learners experience are both enjoyable and beneficial to their chosen career. Courses are delivered by passionate tutors with the experience, knowledge and skills.

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